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Anyone who drives in and around Atlanta knows that traffic can be difficult to negotiate. Part of the traffic problem is caused by the sheer number of vehicles on the road at any one time. Roads become congested; traffic slows, and frustration escalates. Many tractor-trailer trucks have Atlanta as a final destination but also pass through the city on their way to serve other locations in the southeast.

Commercial truck drivers, who must adhere to strict operating regulations, might find it difficult and time-consuming to sit in Atlanta traffic. Some truckers might not have a choice but to sit in traffic and wait it out. Truckers who have some flexibility in their schedules might choose to drive at night. Whatever decision the truck driver makes, their mere presence on Atlanta’s highways and interstates pose a threat to other motorists with whom truckers share the road.

Truck crashes can kill, main, or severely injure people in passenger cars as well as cause massive amounts of property damage. Nationally, Georgia ranks in the top 5 for the number of tractor-trailer accident deaths. Trucking accidents killed 182 people in 2015 in the state of Georgia. The number of fatalities in 2015 increased when 155 people were killed in 2014 and 163 were killed in 2013. Only California, Texas, and Florida suffered more carnage caused by tractor-trailer crashes on the roads than Georgia.

Trucking advocates will argue that truck drivers are safe driver and the operators of passenger vehicles are the cause of most tractor-trailer accidents. While it is true that truck drivers must have the proper education and pass the necessary testing to receive a Commercial Drivers License (CDL), which does not automatically mean that all truck drivers are safe drivers.

A trucker can get caught trying to serve two masters. On the one hand, trucking federal and state trucking regulations are strict. Drivers and trucking companies have an obligation to follow the regulations to the letter of the law. The regulations are in place to ensure the safety of all people on the road. Failure to comply with these regulations can cause an accident, leading to death and serious personal injuries. On the other hand, truck drivers can feel the pressure of tight deadlines. Federal regulations enacted to curb fatigued driving substantially limit the amount of time truckers can work and drive. Consequently, drivers have a time crunch. Their employers demand delivery of goods and materials to be on time. The pressure of complying with a delivery deadline could cause truckers to drive faster than the traffic conditions allow, hurriedly inspect their vehicles, and insufficiently secure their cargo.

As a result of the realities faced by the trucking industry today, many drivers cause accidents that could have been prevented. Fatigue, equipment failure, driver inattentiveness, intoxication, speeding, and reckless driving are major contributing factors that cause truck accidents. Equipment failure, such as brake failure, tire or wheel failure, runaway trailers, and safety equipment failure also contribute to accidents. Manufacturing defects such as poorly produced tires and other equipment can cause accidents are well.

If anyone was injured or killed in a truck crash, the person most likely is in a passenger vehicle. An individual who survives a crash with a tractor-trailer can suffer serious debilitating injuries that affect their lives as well as the lives of their loved ones. Therefore, it is important to understand your rights if you or a loved one was involved in an Atlanta trucking accident.

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