Georgia Interstates and Highways

Georgia Interstate 95, 75, 85, 285, 16, and 20 Truck Accident Attorneys

With Atlanta serving as the hub of the southeast, there is little wonder why the volume of traffic in and around the city is always high. In addition to Interstates and state highways that traverse the city of Atlanta, those roads also serve other parts of the state including Macon, Savannah, Athens, Augusta, Marietta and all points in between. Motorists can expect various driving conditions from city driving in Atlanta, to driving in a quaint locale like Savannah along the Atlantic Ocean just off of Interstate 95, farmlands, or in the mountains of the northern part of the state.

With all of the miles traveled on these roads, truck accidents happen frequently. If you were injured or if a loved one was killed or catastrophically injured in a truck accident in Georgia, Montlick & Associates can help. They have the resources, experience, skill, and determination you deserve from your representation. Montlick & Associates Georgia truck accident lawyers will treat your case like it was their own and dedicate their finest effort to seeking justice for you and your loved ones.

Atlanta is home to the intersection of several interstate highways and major state roads.

  • Interstate 75 runs through Atlanta northerly to Chattanooga, Tennessee, and southerly to Macon and then to Florida, respectively.
  • Interstate 85 Intersects with Interstate 75 in Atlanta, heading from the northeast portion of the state to the southwestern part. I-75 and I-85 run together through the center of Atlanta and serve the downtown area. This section of the road is known as the Downtown Connector.
  • Interstate 285 wraps its way around downtown Atlanta. The roads run north and sound on both the east and west sides of Atlanta.
  • Interstate 20 approaches Atlanta from Birmingham, AL to the west bisects the city and heads easterly toward Augusta, which borders South Carolina.
  • Interstate 985 splinters from Interstate 85 and runs northeast to southwest between Suwannee and ends in the Gainesville area, eventually becoming Georgia State Road 23.
  • Interstate 575 veers off of Interstate 75 on a northeasterly to southwesterly direction just north of Marietta.
  • Interstate 675 approaches Atlanta from the south after leaving Interstate 285.
  • Interstate 95 runs north and south on the eastern border of the state, serving Savannah as it travels from Maine to Miami.
  • Interstate 16 runs northwest to southeast east between Savannah and Macon, where the roads join with I-75.

The Atlanta area is also home to numerous state roads. Commercial vehicles travel these roads as they make stops at construction sites, farms, and retail outlets. Some commercial vehicles cannot travel on these roads if they exceed weight limits for the roads and bridges, as well as height requirements and cannot pass safely under bridges and overpasses.

  • Georgia State Road 400 runs from Sandy Springs on the north of downtown Atlanta and connects with Interstate 85.
  • Georgia State Road 6 is a major route situated on the west side of Atlanta.
  • Georgia State Road 78 traverses the entire state from South Carolina on the east to Alabama on the west.
  • Georgia State Road 19 begins in North Carolina and ends in Florida after passing through Atlanta in addition to numerous cities and towns.
  • Georgia State Road 41 runs north and south, parallel to Interstate 75.

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