Large Truck Litigation

Truck Accident Litigation Lawyers in Georgia

Large trucks, sometimes referred to as tractor-trailers, big rigs or 18-wheelers as well, substantially outweigh passenger cars. A large truck’s weight and size can cause tremendous devastation if they are involved in an accident. Frequently, the injured or deceased person was not driving the rig, but the person was in the passenger car instead.

Accidents involving large trucks can turn the lives of a truck accident victim upside down. Although injuries inflicted in a large truck accident can range from relatively minor to death and dismemberment, the truck accident victim and their family may suffer tremendous anxiety, stress, depression, and uncertainty about life in the aftermath of a tractor-trailer crash. Questions abound such as:

  • How will I pay for expenses relating to the accident such as funeral costs or vehicle replacement costs?
  • Now that my loved one is out of work as a result of the wreck, how will I survive financially?
  • What will happen to us if my loved one cannot return to work because of a large truck accident?
  • How can I emotionally move on from the crash that killed or maimed my loved one?
  • Can I ever get back on my feet again?
  • Will my life ever get back to the way it was?
  • Who is responsible for my financial losses, my future expenses, and my pain and suffering?
  • Why did this happen to my family and me?

All of those questions and worries are perfectly legitimate to experience even well after the crash. That is why you need aggressive, knowledgeable, and determined Georgia truck accident litigation attorneys.

In Georgia, you have a very narrow window to in which to file a lawsuit for personal injuries. Georgia law imposes a two-year statute of limitations on personal injury lawsuits. The time starts to run on the date in which the damage accrued. In other words, you have two years from the date you suffered the injury to file a lawsuit. Failing to file within the two-year limitation period permanently prevents you from suing the person or company responsible for your losses relating to personal injury. Therefore, it is crucial to the success of your case that you start working with a Georgia large truck litigation attorney soon after the accident.

Your Georgia big rig litigation attorney will be very busy preparing your case during that two-year limitation period. Your attorney must investigate the case, gather evidence, medical records, financial records, and work records as well. Each case varies, but there might be a need in a particular case to obtain an expert opinion about the cause of the crash or the future medical losses, or perhaps the expected financial losses suffered by the victim of the crash.

During that two-year limitation timeframe, you can negotiate a settlement of your claim. Sometimes the trucking company’s insurance company refuses to offer a reasonable settlement amount, and you must file a lawsuit to protect your rights. On occasion, a large truck accident victim must file a lawsuit to protect his or her rights under the statute of limitations even though the parties are working toward a settlement.

The court in which the case can be filed depends upon a few factors such as the domicile of the parties and the amount claimed in damages. Once you have filed a lawsuit, you can seek discovery from the truck company and truck driver and ask for documents and testimony to help your case. The insurance company will ask you to do the same. The majority of cases settle out of court, but some can go to trial. Your Georgia large truck accident litigation attorney will be with you every step of the way to guide you through the process.

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