Accident Claims Process

Truck Accident Claims Process in Georgia

The Georgia truck accident attorneys at our firm have earned the reputation for their relentless pursuit of justice on their clients’ behalf. Truck accidents are devastating events. They have the capacity to ruin lives physically, emotionally, and financially. Therefore, you should have attorneys by your side fighting for you to maximize your potential for a financial award.

Our truck crash attorneys treat every case as if it is their own. Instead of passing your case off to a subordinate staff member, our 40 lawyers and 100 support staff work together in a team approach to concentrate their efforts on you and your needs. Most importantly, we never treat our clients like numbers. Instead, the Georgia truck crash attorneys from our firm treat every client as an individual, with dignity and respect. They understand you and your family have suffered a tremendous loss and their goal is to find justice for you.

Filing a claim against a truck driver or trucking company for damages a truck crash victim suffered is complicated. It requires accumulating a substantial amount of information about you, your family, and your life before and after the collision, and the crash itself. Out truck accident attorneys and staff will help you locate and collect the documents and other evidence we need to file the strongest claim possible on your behalf. Examples of some of the evidence we will need to start your case are:

  • Medical records, including X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans, as well as ambulance run sheets,
  • Crash report from the law enforcement agency that responded to the crash,
  • A list of witnesses to the crash as well as people to whom we can learn more about your life before and after the crash,
  • Employment records, and
  • Medical bills.

It is important to save every piece of paper you receive relating to your injuries, your treatments, and your employment. We will need them to help support your claim. Remember too that you have only brief opportunity to file a claim for damages. Therefore you should not wait too long before attempting to collect these materials.

After we accumulate all of your medical records and employment records, we might need to get the opinion of people who can help your claim. For example, if you can no longer work because of the accident, that we will need to speak with people who can help us determine your loss as it relates to your future economic opportunities. Also, we might need a medical opinion about why you can no longer work or need to work at a job that is different from the one you had when you became a victim of a truck crash.

We will file your claim with the truck driver’s insurance company once we have all of the necessary information. We might include the trucking company in your claim as well. You have no obligation to speak with the insurance company’s claims adjusters – we will do that for you. The insurance company’s lawyers should know better than to contact a person represented by counsel directly and you should not hear from them.

We will draw upon our experience to negotiate the best settlement possible for you and your loved ones. The choice to settle is yours. We will always seek to reach a settlement that is in your best interest as determined by you. If, however, the insurance company is not negotiating fairly or not being reasonable, we can file a lawsuit on your behalf and vigorously pursue justice in Georgia’s courts for you. For more information about the litigation process, please consult our article entitled, “Stages of a Truck Accident Lawsuit In Georgia.”

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