Semi Truck Accidents

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Semi tractor trailer drivers provide the nation with a tremendous service by keeping goods, livestock, construction materials, autos, and hazardous materials in the stream of commerce. In effect, semi-truck drivers keep America moving forward. Progress comes at a price, and sometimes that price is a dear one to pay. In 2015, 182 people died in Georgia semi accidents, ranking Georgia in the top five nationwide for most fatalities in semi truck accidents. California, Texas, and Florida experienced more deaths from semi-truck accidents in 2015.

The reasons why semi-truck accidents are frequently fatal is evident. The sheer size and weight differential of the semi-truck compared to the average passenger car is enormous. A semi-truck can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds, and sometimes it can weigh more depending on the cargo it is carrying, whereas the average passenger car weighs about 4,000 to 5,000 pounds. Additionally, the semi-truck is much taller and longer. A semi could reach as long as 53 feet in length. The typical American car is much shorter.

A speeding, fully loaded semi-truck with all of its momentum will stay in motion at the same speed until an equal and opposite force stops it. One hopes that it is the semi’s brakes that will bring the semi to a stop and not another car or other vehicle. The force of impact can kill a person instantly depending on where the impact is focused, such as an underride accident. An underride accident is one in which the passenger car travels under the trailer of the semi. The impact area is around the head and neck of the driver and front seat passenger.

If the passengers in the smaller vehicle survive the impact, they can face critical injuries, a long recovery, with the possibility of never fully recovering. The forces applied to the human body in a semi-truck crash can cause:

  • Broken legs, arms, hands, fingers, sternum, facial bones, skull, and neck,
  • Torn muscles, tendons, and ligaments,
  • Coma,
  • Head injuries like a concussion, memory loss, loss of sight, or hearing,
  • Spinal injuries and nerve damage possibly causing paralysis,
  • Whiplash,
  • Severe lacerations from twisted metal and broken glass,
  • Internal bleeding,
  • Contusions, and
  • Joint dislocations.

Suffering any one or more of these injuries could have devastating consequences for you and your family. Not only will you have to face mounting medical bills and skyrocketing healthcare costs, but you will also be without the financial resources if the injured person can no longer work. Therefore, it is vital to your survival to maximize your financial recovery.

Our Georgia semi-truck accident attorneys investigate every avenue of recovery to help you find justice. In addition to the truck driver, the trucking company and the semi manufacturer or parts manufacturer could be to blame in addition to the semi operator.

In Georiga, a person injured by another may be eligible to recover damages for:

  • Medical bills and future medical expenses caused by the accident,
  • Lost wages and loss of potential future economic opportunities,
  • Compensation for an amputation,
  • Pain and suffering, and
  • The value of the whole life of the person who died in the crash as well as compensation for the deceased’s medical bills, funeral expenses, and burial expenses.

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